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FT Security FT Security

Russian company specializing in the protection of apartments, Panel protection, fire alarms, burglar alarms, video surveillance

FT Security Company is part of Flexible Technologies Group and has 18 years of experience to ensure the safety of objects of different types. In February 2005 the company reorganized and continued to operate under the brand FT Security. FT Security's mission is to using modern technology security with maximum convenience for customers to create a comfortable environment for business and society. Customers are given a wide range of services: • Burglar alarm system GSM • alarm • Panel protection • Fire Alarm • CCTV • Access Control • Install locks • Design of security systems • Maintenance and other The company's specialists will offer customers a wide range of integrated systems, will pick the best solution to protect your property and the preservation of the property. Continuous development and improvement supported by licenses and certificates of the Company received from the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters. Ordering a fire alarm, you will be confident in the safety of your property that will gain peace of mind and confidence in the future. The basic principles of the company: A. A flexible approach to price We strive to offer customers a reasonable cost to ensure safety. Teamwork, working with the best manufacturers and suppliers to help ensure the plan. Two. Comprehensive services We have developed and implemented a system of care, thanks to this approach to protect your property, as to a range of necessary work, and not as a separate service. The company's specialists are working to satisfy the security needs of the most heralded and expectations. Three. Professionalism and Responsibility The company employs professionals. Employees learn a lot, gaining experience and knowledge to ensure the safety of objects, it allows us to maintain a high level of professionalism and responsibility. 4. High assurance 1 year for any type of service. We guarantee that the entire process from site survey to the coaching staff on the use of the finished system will be worked out and conducted flawlessly. Five. The high culture of service Individual and personal approach, high-speed service, concern the Client, warm relationships, as well as the care and attentiveness to customers

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Country: RUSSIA
City: St. Petersburg
Address: 5, travel Lavrskiy, St. Petersburg, Russia, 191167
Phone: +7 (812) 777-90-77
Fax: +7 (812) 777-90-77
E-mail: lebedeva@ftg.ru
URL address:
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